farah + randy {engaged!}

Farah and Randy will be tying the knot on their 10 year anniversary!!
They have a beautiful wedding planned at an ancient Spanish Monastery here in S. Florida! Incredible!
Despite the extreme heat (Randy, you’re a good sport!) we had a great time on our shoot,
so great that we’re already planning the post-wedding shoot!
Farah had the brilliant idea of shooting while on a gondola ride! I can’t wait!
I smell a pretty amazing trash-the-dress shoot on the horizon…  :)

Jaime - Wow these are amazing! I absolutely love the second to last shot… Farah you look gorgeous!!! These really came out stunning Ashley! LOVE them!

Joanne - Wow how do you do that?! The pics are amazing and gorgeous and so much color! I can’t wait for out turn!! You’re awesome!

Farah - We had a blast!! You are AMAZING to work with! The pics look awesome. Thanks so much!

Lily - Wow! These are amazing. I LOOOVE the first one. Farah’s little hand looks so cute. Aw, I’m so proud to be the MOH.

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attack of the bed-head {he he!}

I always know when Nylin starts to wake from a nap. She growls… Is that weird?
Sometimes it’s more of a grunt but usually it’s something like a whispery “raaaawr”.
She’s too funny.
As I walked upstairs to get her I actually laughed out loud when I saw her peeking over the side of her bed at me.
I don’t know what she does in her sleep but she always wakes up with the craziest bed-head!
bedhead1{Yes, that IS a genuine Star Wars pillow case circa 1982. It was Phillip’s when he was young, he likes her to use it.}  :)

jade wolf - oh my gosh how freakin cute!!! i miss her so much!!!!

Jaime - What a cutie pie!

Alison - The only reason why Phillip likes Nylin to use his Empire Strikes Back pillow is so Ashley doesn’t make him throw it out! Great cover up, Phillip!! Do you like Nylin to play with your Incredible Hulk doll, too?

Joanne - sooooo precious!!

Lorena - Ashley,

You’ve got the cutest daughter ever! Bed-head and all.

Ku-Ya - She’s so cute.

Daddy - NOT STAR WARS! for the ga-zillionth time…Its EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!

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