happy birthday to the 2 loves of my life! {♥}

Happy Birthday to two of the most cherished people in my life!!!

Phillip, I want you to know how proud i am to be your wife. You’re my business partner, my lover, my shoulder to lean on, you keep me grounded, you’re an amazing daddy to Nylin and an even better best friend to me. You’re my Love.

Nylin you make me laugh, you make me cry, you make me stop and listen and enjoy life like never before, you are my muse, my heart, my sunshine, my everything. I love you both more than I’m capable of expressing and can’t thank God enough for the joy you bring to my life.

Happy Birthday(s) my sweet, sweet family.

More Birthday party photos soon!

Michael - Happy Birthday. I really like this photo.

Irene - Happy belated birthday to your lovely family!! I hope everyone had a great time celebrating. xoxoxo to you all! <3

Lorena - Happy Birthday guys!!

Heather - My eyes are welling up! I love that you posted this:) Thank you.

sarah - yay! happy birthday you guys!

Melissa - Awww so sweet! Happy birthday! :)

Carly - Happy, happy, happy birthday!


Sarah Atchison - Omg, this post is making me cry!!! Happy Birthday Phillip and little Nylin. (She’s getting so big btw!) Gorgeous photo :)

daniel - Happy birthday Phillip & Nylin! Can’t wait to see pictures from Yo Gabba Gabba Fest!

Jenn - Phillip, you definitely need a hat… a big one. Happy birthday you two!!! I hope you both enjoy your day and I love you!!! xoxoxo

Phillip + Nynie - ps – this photo reminds me that I need to buy another hat … and wear it.

Phillip + Nynie - :) Thank you so-so much for the sweet post. Me and nynie feel the same (times 2).
*Big Mwah!

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