family day {at the zoo!}

Once again we’re beyond grateful for the work that has blessed us lately but Phillip and I decided, it was time to set work aside to do something as a family for a day.
Nylin is getting to an age where she loves everything living. Lizards, dogs, monkeys, birds you name it. She’s fascinated with all animals so we thought what better place to take her than the zoo! Silly me didn’t think to bring my zoom lens which made it tough to capture the animals. Oh well, more cute pictures of my family.  :)fam-1121416fam-7fam-14This series cracks me up! Nylin thought daddy was a hero!
5678fam-8I love this one!
fam-111920fam-21fam-23fam-24fam-26I guess I’ve never really thought about it but I think it’s weird that giraffe’s have to drink like this!
fam-25fam-22fam-27The next image warms my heart!

Professional Photographers - Your photos and blog are just fantastic. As a wedding and portrait photographer in San Jose, I know that it’s challenging photographing outstanding pictures. I’ll definitely comeback to keep checking your site.

Tim - Phoenix wedding photographer - I adore the B/W picture of the monkey.

Christina Rodriguez - Oh my God, Ashley! So beautiful. hahaha! The giraffe photo was crazy. I didn’t know they had to drink like that. Poor things are so long, they’d have to be crazy flexible.

Ayana - I love the family pictures! And the first picture of the giraffe that’s blank until you get down to his head and neck is hilarious!

Lauren Daversa - Ashley, these are such fantastic pictures! Nylin is adorable!!!!

Letty - I love these pictures!!! Nylin is ADORABLE!!!

Irene - How precious!! These are wonderful pictures! She’s so cute and funny.. but you knew that already. =) I wish she hadn’t given me the stare down the other day, though. lol

Heather Hall - Yeah…Nylin is something else!!! How wonderful to have these moments captrued forever!!! See you next week…

Cathy Smith - Ok, she is the cutest ever!! Love the pics, but girl…where are you? You can’t always be behind the camera…even if you’re amazing!

Alison - I think I was almost as convinced as Nylin was at what a strong hero Phillip is against that fake water buffalo.

Jaime - These photos are precious! I love it. She is so gorgeous. Beautiful memories captured! Awwww…

Marissa - You guys are the cutest family ever! Love the pics :)

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