keeping family tradition {father’s day}

** Warning ** This is a long one!
As I mentioned in my previous post, my family plans an annual gathering at the Blue Water Beach Club on Anna Maria Island every year around Father’s Day. I think I enjoy this family get-together more than meeting for the holidays. Perhaps it’s the no-stress attitude of lounging around the pool, soaking in the summer and good ole’ family together-ness, it’s almost too relaxing!
As you’ll see below, we’re a goofy bunch! I’m sure I’ll get a good lecturing from my sister Jenn about some of the images I chose to post but this is who we are and it just wouldn’t be us if I didn’t post them… Sorry Jenn!
We spent the first day of our trip visiting Kun-ya and G.P. (that’s grandmother in Thai and GrandPa w/out sounding old!) Phillip’s parents absolutely adore little Nylin! What a blessing to have two sets of Grandparents!
I don’t think there are words capable of expressing how much I love my family and the time we spend together. I only wish it could be more often.
beach_11beach_2beach_3beach_4 Phillip has a super cool 1965 Honda Dream {with a side car!}
beach_51 And Phillip’s parents have a super fun golf cart!
beach_6beach_7beach_8beach_111 I love this picture of Savannah-Banana!
beach_101beach_9beach_12 This is a cute one of Jenn…
beach_jennThis one… not so much.  :)
beach_13beach_14beach_15beach_16beach_17beach_18beach_19beach_20beach_21 Hehehehe… this one cracks me up! Mom and dad were pretending they were doing an “engagement” shoot. My mom says that there’s always a photo with someone’s foot in the air. LOL!

Kristin - eeeee…love Nylin’s little floral bottom! :)

zdjęcia ślubne - These photos looks awesome! This babe is beautiful! Really model!

Jaime - I LOVE These!! So cute and so sweet!!!

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